Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Altco Music's Shelli Coe, Debuts On Itunes Country New & Noteworthy

Altco Music's Shelli Coe Debuts At Itunes Country New & Noteworthy
We are proud to announce that Shelli Coes 'A Girl Like Me"is available on Itunes and Amazon not to mention availability worldwide in the coming weeks. Shelli is a world class vocalist and write as well as performer and her music doesn't rest on the laurels or her ancestry. Classic to contemporary country she picks a great mix of covers and originals and the musicianship and production is far above other releases in the market.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Reno Divorce Featured In Never Summer Movie - Dang Bud!

Reno Divorce Featured In Never Summer Movie - Dang Bud!
Always stoked to see the great bands we work with get huge features. Check out this cool video from the snowboard company Never Summer, featuring the one and only Reno Divorce.

Buy Reno Divorce's latest album, Lover's Leap

Beautiful Women Love Rusty Knuckles

Sabrina Nova sporting a Rusty Knuckles patch in one of her latest photos
It is always quite flattering when we get to see our merch being worn by folks. What makes it even better is when its being sported by a sexy lady. Do yourself a favor and check out Sabrina Nova on Instagram

Turn Your Old Go Kart Frame Into A Gravity Racer

Custom built go kart frame for some gravity racing

Bringing new life to old parts that were never intended to go together, is a favorite past time of ours. Check out the gravity racing cart at about 95% done. A few tweaks here and there and need two quick support brackets and this project is a wrap. Cheers to the backyard builders world wide. Now its time for some downhill racing to begin.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Altco Music Teams Up With Tonya Watts, The God Damn Gallows and Shelli Coe

Tonya Watts and Stevie Tombstone, team up for a new single

Altco Recordings is proud to welcome Tonya Watts to our ranks as she teams up with Stevie Tombstone to work on a new single,video and perhaps more. The Americana songstress is also well known as Playboy cover model and actress besides being a quickly rising star on the Alternative Country scene. Tombstone has been working to produce a series of singles for Altco showcasing new and seasoned talent that have his fingerprint and trademark on "legitimate tunes that don't bend to corporate ears". "Tonya has a one of a kind voice, point of view and her lyrics are about as honest as you can get"

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Husky Burnette Digs The Dirty Blues Kind Of Shirt

Dirty Blues - Husky Burnette, brand new shirt design

Husky Burnette is gonna have a brand new shirt ready for next week at Muddy Roots. Sometimes keeping things simple is quite effective. The new shirt will be in available at our old store on site and online starting next week. Two color print on a smoke colored shirt.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Kern Richards Featured On MoonRunners

Featured Altco Recordings artist - Kern Richards
Check out the original post over on MoonRunners

“I did one-night stands in old motels; I did overnights for vagrancy; a trespasser on common ground; an exile searching for a vacancy.
“From L.A. streets to Illinois roads he was leaving constantly to find the road his heart could feel but his eyes just couldn’t see. He left a trail of notes behind, they all said ten more miles and you’ll be fine. Man, you can leave your past behind, just ten more miles and you’ll be fine.” – verses from Kern Richards’ song, “10 More Miles,” re-released in February by 2014 by the folks at ALTCO Recordings.

Custom Leather Knife Sheath

Hidden knife that attaches to your belt
Sweet little knife sheath that we hooked up for a biker brethren of ours . Its a hidden quick release sheath to wear on a 1.5" heavy dutly leather work belt and will fit perfect right above the back pocket for that hidden surprise when ya need it. Always stoked to hook friends up with cool random projects.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The American Craftsman With Jesse James, Is Exactly What We Need On TV

Hopefully Jesse James can get his new tv series launched about the American Craftsman

The American Craftsman, brought to you by Jesse James is exactly what we need on TV. The older I get, the less and less shows I find any interest in watching unless there is something I can glean from them regarding a new skill set or knowledge about an area of interest that I have. The further we move forward as a culture, it seems the less and less we have of folks actually understanding how to use their hands as a valuable tool. This to me is a sad facet of how computers and the internet are supposed to make life easier. In all reality they are robbing all of us what is intrinsically part of our nature. We were born from evolution of exploring and being tactile in our approach to the world around us. Getting back to basics is more than just a mantra, it needs to become a way of life akin to the way exercising is great for the body and soul. Working with your hands, intellect and perfecting your craft is a life long journey.

Jesse James American Craftsman TV Series (Minute Intro) from Jesse James on Vimeo.

Brown Dog Welding Crafts An Amazing Knucklehead

Can't afford a vintage Knucklehead? let Brown Dog Welding hook you up

Josh Welton of Brown Dog Welding is never one to rest on his laurels. Forever refining his craft in metalwork and pushing forward with his mechanical sculptures, he has truly blazed his own path. It might be quite easy to grab a few nuts and bolts here and there to weld together and make something feel mechanical. This is where Josh, steps well beyond his contemporaries by creating sculptural pieces that feel real and beg to be seen in a 360 degree panoramic view. Do yourself a favor and keep up with him on Instagram or on Flickr.