Sunday, September 21, 2014

Custom Guitar Strap For Brophy Of The Go Devils

Custom guitar strap for Brophy of the Go Devils

Can't say thanks enough for all the custom guitar strap orders coming in. Check out this one for Brophy of the Go Devils!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Custom Guitar Strap Coming To Life With The Music Of Peewee Moore

Custom guitar strap for Johnny Isaacs coming to life

Ever watched a custom guitar strap come together? Well, why not listen to some Peewee Moore and watch how a piece of leather can be transformed into a guitar strap that will last for many years to come.

Need a custom strap - ralph.knuckles at 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Santa Cruz Guitar Company Carves A Unique Balance Between Work And Life.

Richard Hoover of the Santa Cruz Guitar Company

The Santa Cruz Guitar Company carves a unique balance between work and life. They fully understand that one song can change the world, altar country borders or most of all be the passion to which you seek to perfect sustainability in a small ecosystem. 

Santa Cruz Guitar Company

LR Baggs Presents Santa Cruz Guitar Company. This short film narrated by Richard Hoover, founder of Santa Cruz Guitar Company, documents the culture of their boutique lutherie and a mission to provide exceptional instruments for musicians that truly change the world.

Video by: Cameron Ingalls & LR Baggs

Billy Don Burns and Shooter Jennings, Paint An Epic Picture

Billy Don Burns and Shooter Jennings

Billy Don Burns and Shooter Jennings, paint an epic picture. Thanks to the great eye behind the lens of the camera, Kerry Langford.

You Are Not Entitled To Make A Living Off Of Music

Want to survive in the music business, prepare to shed some blood

The idea of having a certain amount of entitlement is just plain bad for business. This could be your personal business or maybe that of you as a musician, for this quick discussion. Who cares if you have toured thousands upon thousands of miles and have fans in every state of America. If they are not buying your music and the audience isn't growing or sustaining your career, call Houston, because there is a big problem.

Custom Guitar Process Video Goes Live On Friday

Custom strap being put together for a customer

The amount of custom one off orders has been coming in steadily as of late for guitar straps. With the great response that we have been receiving, it was time to create a short video to show exactly how they come together. This Friday, the full process video will launch on all of our social media channels.

In the interim, check out our store page or Etsy shop to view all of our leather work. If you are in need of something truly unique, give us a shout - ralph.knuckles at gmail

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rusty Knuckles Custom Leather Will Be At The International Bluegrass Music Association 2014

World of Bluegrass invades Raleigh, NC on September 30th to October 4th

What an honor its going in a few weeks, to be a part of the International Bluegrass Music Association here in Raleigh the first weekend of October. We will have our full booth for custom guitar and banjo shop setup and working to vastly expand our wholesale business for handmade in the USA, quality crafted music gear. If you are coming into town, looking forward to seeing many of the great bands here that week. We will be setup right across from D'addario Strings. One step closer to another milestone.

Find out more about the IBMA

Monday, September 8, 2014

Rory Kelly - Black Widow, Live Acoustic Track

Rory Kelly - Black Widow, Live Acoustic Track

Rory Kelly Black Widow (Acoustic) - Exclusive performance for Rockpills (The Black Logde Sessions)

Rory Kelly © All Rights Reserves

RockpillsTV © All Rights Reserved

Friday, September 5, 2014

Custom Guitar Strap For Jim Avett

Custom hand made guitar strap for Jim Avett, father to the Avett Brothers

Things are getting quite hectic around the shop and its a great problem to have. A plethora of custom orders steadily rolling in such as this strap for Jim Avett, father to the Avett Brothers. Stay tuned as we have some big album announcements for the fall as well with the Go Devils, Whiskey Dick, Black Eyed Vermillion and a few more...

By the way, check out the Go Devils latest video...

Thursday, September 4, 2014

A BMR R9T Custom Motorcycle With All The Right Lines

Cherry's Company, BMW R9T custom motorcycle

Not all motorcycle were created equal and this custom beast from Cherry's Company out of Japan is beyond clean. The smooth lines all done in sheet metal, the race vibe and the overall attention to detail is absolutely stunning. Ok, its time to just drool...